Circle Questions


Women join a small group because they want to be part of something. They want to know and be known. But as a leader (officially or not), how do you make that happen? How do you help your group truly connect at the heart level?

The answer: questions. The kind of questions that sift down to the heart level and give your friends the opportunity to share who they really are.  I call them Circle Questions because as you go around the circle answering questions, you’re drawing a tighter circle of support around each woman.

Circle Questions are great for:

• small groups
• retreats
• mentoring groups
• leader training
• moms’ night out

There are 5 color coded categories of questions:

• family of origin
• marriage & inlaws
• mothering
• personal growth
• spiritual growth

The set comes with a printable set of guidelines. Download those for free here:


Also, check out my blog post about the cards, and learn how you can avoid my mistakes here.

Happy answering! May your circle grow tighter as you lean in.


Here is a sample question from each of the five categories:

  • Family of Origin: How you see your family of origin differently, now that you are an adult?
  • Personal Growth: What was your biggest career mistake? How has this helped you grow?
  • Marriage & Inlaws: How do one of your strengths compliment one of your husband’s weaknesses?
  • Mothering: Which of your kids is most like you? How does this affect your parenting?
  • Spiritual Growth: What major life event has taught you that God is trustworthy?

Please purchase one set per group. Thank you!

(c) Shannon Popkin 2020, all rights reserved

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