Comparison Girl Group Activity


Invite your small group to learn to compare like Jesus did – by focusing on the “spout” instead of the measure-up “lines”.

Help your small group learn to compare the way Jesus did!

The enemy wants the women in your group to measure themselves against each other, then back away from each other in fear, insecurity, shame, or pride. But Jesus invites your women to draw together in unity - appreciating differences, rather than being divided by them.

This group activity invites the Comparison Girls in your group to "own their different" and consider how God has uniquely gifted them to serve the others. Group members fill out a card for each member of the group, sharing:

  • In our group, ____________ is the one who __________________.
  • Without ____________ our group would ________________.

This downloadable kit includes

  • instructions
  • printable cards
  • printable "Own Your Different" worksheet
  • a leader lesson guide

Please purchase one kit per small group. Thank you!

Please note: Your download link will be good for 30 days.

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