On my new podcast, “Live Like It’s True”! my hope is for us to treasure up the true stories of the Bible, then live like the stories are true. 

Join me for season one, as my guests and I discuss our a favorite True Story of Jesus each week, then invite you to Live Like It’s True!

I’m so glad you’re here.

If we haven’t met, I’m Shannon Popkin. I hope you’ll find that whether I’m connecting with you from the platform, the page, or from behind my new podcast microphone, my goal is to invite you to open your Bible with me, drink in the truth, then live like the story true. We’re all telling a story with our lives; we’re not all telling the true story. This podcast is designed to help you know the story, share the story, and live the story.
Live Like It's True with Bible

Know the Story

In this first season, we’re discussing the true stories Jesus. What will we learn about God, as we talk about the time he fed five thousand with one lunch, or when he calmed the storm? What will we come to know about the overarching story about God?

Share the Story

God could have revealed himself in texbook fashion, with lists of his attributes and facts. Instead, he gave us a thick book with lots of stories. Each one is like a velvet pouch, which bundles up certain gems of God’s character for safekeeping. And the stories become more deeply ingrained in our hearts when we rehearse and share them with others.

On Live Like It’s True, we’ll be talking about how to approach the stories of the Bible, and how to give them away!

Live the Story

It’s one thing to know the story; it’s another thing to live like the story is true. This podcast is meant to help shrink the gap between what you say you believe and how you live.

What difference does it make to know that Jesus first told the paralyzed man that his sins were forgiven? What does it mean that Jesus had the longest recorded theological conversation with—not only a woman, but an outcast? Join me for season one, and let’s talk about how to live like these stories are true!

Podcast Episodes

E10 BONUS: Stirring Souls With the True Story

How can you stir up curiosity in someone who thinks the story of a baby who was lying in a manger thousands of years ago is irrelevant to their lives? If you have no idea how to ask that question, I'm glad you're here. Where else can I listen to...

Free Resources

Get your FREE Season One Bible Readings and discussion questions, which coordinate with all of these True Stories of Jesus that we’re discussing in season one.


How long are the episodes?

Between 30 and 45 minutes.

Who is this podcast for?

If you love the Bible, and want to live like it’s true, this podcast is for you! I imagine most listeners will be women, but guys are welcome, too!

When will episodes release?

Wednesday morning. The episodes will be grouped by season.

What are the aims of this podcast?

My hope is that we become better story treasurers and story sharers. And (of course) that we live like the story is true!

How can I listen?

You can listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google, and more. Find the full set of options here. (And please let us know if you see one missing!)


 Who are some of your guests?

In season one, I’m excited to welcome Kelly Needham, Mary Demuth, Jenn Hand, Erica Wiggenhorn, Kristen Wetherell, and more. Each guest is a gifted Bible teacher, and loves the truth of God’s Word!

What makes this podcast unique?

Each episode focuses on an astonishing, true story of the Bible, and what makes it surprising (both then and now). The style is conversational; not preachy but not shallow, either. Our quest is to treasure up the stories, and live like they’re true.

What’s the theme for season one?

The true stories of Jesus. Each season (Lord, willing!), we’ll look at a group of stories from somewhere in the Bible. (Maybe the stories of David next? Or stories from the wilderness? What do you think?)


Beth Runkle

“Shannon and her guests had a way of welcoming me and getting me excited to hear and learn more about the Bible and this Bible story. The insights gained were new and stayed with me and inspired action.”


Shauna Letellier, author and speaker

“Really appreciated the interviewer’s questions and her guests’ insights on various extremely well-known Bible stories. It’s so nice to have a fresh perspective and to take a deeper look at how they apply to our lives. Looking forward to more episodes!”



Reyna Orozco Merez, Blogger, Speaker & Podcaster

“It is very encouraging to me when I listen women who love God and His Word, and share about Jesus in a very clear and captivating way. I have enjoyed Shannon’s great guests and her natural and deep conversations.”


Christine, on Apple Podcasts

“What a fabulous concept to focus on the stories of the Bible and share the truth… You’ll enjoy how Shannon and guest bring these stories of truth to life!


Cheryl Shumake, author and speaker

“A refreshing, relevant exchange with good friends who love us enough to challenge our thinking with God’s truth, while inviting us to find rest and hope in God’s love. I love Love LOVE the way the content is laid out, that there are definitive take-aways, and the inviting tone of the conversations.”


Jeni Smith

“I’m excited to listen to more!!! Like the Woman at the well, Jesus wants to have a conversation with me about things in my life that aren’t meant to satisfy my thirst! Wow! I need to live like that’s true!”


Becky Philo

“I loved was the conversational style between the speakers- it isn’t a “preaching” podcast, but instead was like listening to two people having a meaningful conversation. Mostly, I loved the way the conversations in each episode eventually steered to the question- how can we live like this story is true? I found it very practical and easy to apply to my personal life. It gave me a fresh perspective on those familiar Bible stories.”


Heidi Boelsma

“Inspiring, informative, and engaging. I loved that reading scripture directly from the Bible was included… I love the request to really learn the story so that we can share it with others. These discussions will really stick with me!”


Hellen Miller

“Mary Demuth pointing out that this discussion with the woman at the well was Jesus’s longest theological discussion was amazing. And it was with a woman! With a past! Do you know what that means to someone like me? I absolutely love your message about what makes us good at sharing the stories of the Bible is our hunger for God. We can feel confident in this! Mary’s suggestion to read the story every day is so good!!!”


ChristysReview on Apple Podcasts

“Gold! After reading Shannon’s book, Comparison Girl, I knew I wanted to hear her podcast. Just like the book, solid gold. What an encouragement from her to live my life every day like what I read in God’s Word is true, and it is!”


Nicole Darroch

“I was hooked within the first few minutes. Shannon and her guest bring fresh perspective to a familiar Bible story. The conversational teaching is gentle in nature. I paused the podcast often and thoughtfully considered my own life in light of this teaching. I am looking forward to more!”


Amy Cantilini, Women’s Ministry Director

“I really enjoyed listening. Though the stories were familiar, the insights that Shannon and her guests brought out were refreshing and profound. I came away from their friendly conversation wanting to more fully live in such a way that reflects the realness of the truths in God’s Word.”


Sheryl Hodson, Women’s Ministry Director

“The conversational style was fantastic. It made me feel like we were discussing scripture over tea, but still dove deep into the passage and pulled out background and other information that was helpful to think about. I can’t wait to hear more!”

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