I’m so glad you stopped by. I’m Shannon Popkin. I’m a wife and mom, and an author, speaker, and Bible teacher. I’m happy to be sharing life with Ken, who makes me laugh every day. Together we have the joy of watching our three young adult children become the amazing people God created them to be. We also have two adorable Shih Tzu’s, who—unlike the kids, have no plans of moving out.

This past year, I celebrated my fiftieth birthday and twenty-fifth anniversary, and to celebrate both, my request was for a family photo session—which resulted in the above photo, taken at Holland State Park, which isn’t too far from where we live in West Michigan. (Thanks to Wendi Curtis Photography.) Our family loves to invest in local church ministry, and Ken and I are currently in the process of looking for a new church home in our area. 

As an author and speaker, I love combining my gifts for humor and storytelling with my passion for Jesus and the truth of God’s Word. I speak for ladies’ events, retreats, and conferences, and I host the Live Like It’s True Podcast. My latest book is Comparison Girl, published by Kregel (visit ComparisonGirl.com to learn more). 

I’ve had the privilege of being featured on FamilyLife Today, Revive Our HeartsProverbs 31, and other ministries. I also had the joy contributing as a blogger at Revive Our Hearts for many years.

(continued below…)

From the platform, the page, & podcast mic,

I’m inviting you to live like God’s Word is true. 

We’re all telling a story with our lives. Each of us see ourselves as part of some sort of narrative, which explains how the world came to be as it is, and what the future holds. The Bible is God’s way of telling us the true story, that we’re all part of (whether we realize it or not). God wants for his story to reshape ours in a thousand everyday ways.

For instance, when we open the Bible we see that…

  • Sin is like poison, and yet Jesus’s blood can wash away our shame.
  • This life isn’t all there is; There’s coming a new earth that will be like the Garden of Eden, only better!
  • God is in control of the storyline, which means we don’t have to be. 
  • In the Kingdom, the great ones are those who stoop low and lift others up—which means no one is greater than Jesus.

These are just a few fragments of the grand overarching Story, which I’d love to keep talking with you about!

Do you know this story? Do you share it with others? Are you living like the story is true? That’s what I’m going after, and I’d love to have you with me on the journey. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if there’s a way I can serve you. Please contact me if there is some way I can serve you or your church.

With joy,


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