Surrender Prayer Stations


These prayer stations correlate nicely with the Control Girl message, but they work well independently as well. Set the stations up before the women arrive. Plan for about 45 minutes and let the women move to the various stations at their own pace. You might want to dim the lighting, light candles, and add soft music for ambiance.

Your purchase includes printable prayer station signs with instructions, along with a supply list.

Here are the six stations:

  1. Repent before him.
  2. He’s got the whole world.
  3. He sees me.
  4. Tearing down idols.
  5. Thank him for providence.
  6. Surrender to Him.

Please purchase one set per group. Thank you!


These prayer stations make a great option for a women’s retreat, a bonus Bible study session, or for leadership training. Six directed stations, with a supply list.

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