Do you compare yourself?


On social media, in the neighborhood, at church, or the school drop-off lane, do you push yourself to prove that you measure up, then feel ashamed when you don’t? Measuring yourself against others isn’t healthy. And it isn’t God’s plan. In fact, the way of Jesus is completely upside down from this measure-up world. He invites us to follow him and be restored to freedom, confidence, and joy.

Join me as—with humor and straightforward honesty—I share what I’ve discovered about my own measure-up fears and get-ahead pride in this six-week study. Together, we’ll explore the conversations Jesus had and stories he shared with people who—like us—were comparing themselves.

Let’s leave measure-up comparison behind and connect with those around us by choosing Jesus’s me-free way of living: lifting others up and pouring ourselves out!




Releasing May 19, 2020

Here's the tip I got to share in the wrap up of our Speak Up panel on Platform-Building: As influencers, we must continue the ongoing work of sorting out our motives.

So often, we set out with a heart to selflessly share what God has first given us. But there's no denying social media's strong undertow of self-interest.

Instead of simply desiring to serve and give and share, my motives are muddied with a desire to receive praise, get applause, and gain recognition.

In our book Influence, I shared a Heart Sifter tool which helps weed out the impure motives, so we can see the ones which are pleasing to God, and make our next decisions. (Check out more on this book at )

But for the daily, little choices about what will I post, how will I steward my time, and how will I interact on social media, it's helpful to regularly return to these two questions:

Am I here to serve others, or myself?
Am I here to lift up Jesus or me?

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TODAY: I'll be joining my friend, Michelle Nietert, on her facebook page LIVE today at 11:30 CST (12:30 EST)!

Michelle has been doing an amazing job of building enthusiasm and giving you a window into the Speak Up conference as she interviews various faculty members each week. But THIS week, we're teeing things up, because the conference begins tomorrow!!

So if you're attending Speak Up, or interested in someday attending, please join us as we talk about Speaking Up as Christians. #SpeakUpRocks #SpeakingUp #ChristianWriters #ChristianSpeakers #WritersConference #PlatformBuilding #StartsTomorrow #InsiderScoop

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New trailer video!
Learn more at

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In this podcast interview, you’ll hear my first impression of Jen, then her version of the story. Plus our difference in coffee mug collection. And some great truth on finding freedom from measure-up living. #linkinbio

Here’s Jen:
It is so easy to get in a comparison trap as we scroll social media or look at others lives .

I loved talking with my friend @shannonpopkin about how to pour instead of trying so hard to measure up .

Join us by searching Coming Alive Conversations on your favorite podcast app or by going to #comingaliveconversations

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I don’t have to tell you this was taken a while so. The plaid suit gives it away, I think.

I’m the big sister in the family.

So much I could say, but today I want to thank God for that guy in the plaid suit.

There’s never been a day that I remember not feeling proud of my dad. I know lots of girls can’t say that about their dads, but I think those of us who can, should.

My dad is gracious, wise, faithful, protective, and hardworking. He can fix things and is happy to do so. He’s the kind of man who goes the extra mile for you then once he gets there, still has time to talk.

He loves the Lord and he loves his girls. I’ve always known both were true.

When I look at that little girl in the yellow dress, I see confidence and contentment and joy and hope—in large part because I was the daughter of the guy in the plaid suit. My dad.

Love you, Dad. I’m so thankful God gave you to me. #happyfathersday

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The Debbie Chavez show! I love Debbie's passion for God, and her encouraging, upbeat personality. It was a joy to talk with her about:

▶️ how comparison is like a drug

▶️ escaping comparison by listening to Jesus

▶️ looking-down-your-nose comparison

▶️ drowning-in-shame comparison

▶️ comparing our physical appearances

▶️ how serving changes the way we see others and ourselves

Link in my bio for the full podcast:

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Satan knows that participating in a community of people who are all serving each other and glorifying God is what protects us from bondage—while comparison keeps us stumbling back into it. So Satan will keep tempting us into me-first comparison. And Jesus will keep inviting us to live me-free.
#comparisongirl ComparisonGirl with @kregelbooks .
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I am so thankful for these three sisters! Here’s what I see in them. They each serve the Lord with joy and excellence, but they do it differently. They are comfortable with knowing and leaning into their own unique gift sets, embracing their own unique God-written stories, and then celebrating each others’! •
Together, God has multiplied their ministry far more—I think—than any impact one sister could’ve had on her own. And isn’t that true of all of us?

Thank you @carolkentspeaks , @jadimkoff and
and @bonnieemmorey , for your kind support and for living the message of “comparison girl”. Can’t wait to see you (virtually at least), at the Speak Up conference on July 9-11.

Anybody want to join us? Affiliate link in my bio. #speakuprocks #speakersisters #comparisongirl #spoutnotlines

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"Comparison Girl" is a 6 week study for women. If you're considering it for your group, or have questions, will you let me know? For more information, visit (link in bio). #comparisongirl #mefreeliving #spoutnotlines ...

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Here’s the very FIRST photo I’ve received of a #comparisongirl group!! And what a special group it is!

Two of these ladies (@deniseperry and @sueannosterink 😘) have become precious to me over the past couple of years as they’ve prayed for me, encouraged me, and even supported the project by sharing a story for one of the lessons and being part of the live audience for the teaching videos!

I can’t tell you what it means when women I respect so much invite me to the conversation as they open God’s word together.

Jesus, we want to follow you!

If your group is doing Comparison Girl will you let me know? I’m scheduling lots of group visits in person and on zoom. I’d love to meet your group as well!

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