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Join my guests and me as we talk about our favorite jaw-dropping stories of the Bible, and the God who invites us all to live like the story is true.  

In this first season, we’re discussing the stories of Jesus. What will we learn as we encounter the man who fed five thousand with one lunch, who forgave a paralyzed man’s sins, and who called Lazareth out of the tomb? What overarching story about God is being told? And what difference does it make if that story is true?

Come join us for conversations devoted to helping you know the story, share the story and live the story.  

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Get your FREE Season One Bible Readings and discussion questions, which coordinate with all of these True Stories of Jesus that we’re discussing in season one.

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Do you live like it's true?

 We say that God's in control. We agree that we are each God's uniquely crafted "masterpieces". We believe there's a better life to come. What if we lived like these things are true?

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