Shaped by God’s Promises:

Lessons from Sarah on Fear and Faith

A six-week Bible study for women on Genesis 12-21.

Discover a God who is faithfully working even when you can’t see it. In our high-stress, high-anxiety culture, there’s much to relate to in Sarah’s tumultuous world. God promised Sarah and Abraham a son, but when it wasn’t happening in her ideal timing, doubt, worry, and fear for the future tempted Sarah to question God and take matters into her own hands.

Join Shannon Popkin in this 6-week Bible study that dives deep into the life of Sarah. You’ll spend 5 days a week reading powerful Scripture to reignite your faith in the one who is always in control even when it feels like nothing else is. Learn through Sarah’s story to trust that God is all-knowing and all-powerful and that His plan and timing are perfect.

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Comparison Girl with Teaching Videos

Comparison Girl for Teens

Do you feel the endless pressure of comparing yourself with everyone else? Do you drive yourself to exhaustion, trying to prove you measure up? Or do you retreat to the shadows, convinced you never will? In Comparison Girl for Teens, we want to help you think through the problems of comparison and show you the way to be free.

    • Chapter 1—Welcome to the World of Measuring Up
    • Chapter 2—Comparing Sin
    • Chapter 3—Comparing Beauty
    • Chapter 4—Comparing Femininity
    • Chapter 5—Comparing Popularity
    • Chapter 6—Comparing Posessions
    • Chapter 7—Comparing Talents
    • Chapter 8—Comparing Relationships

We’ve got lots of fun quizzes and stories to share with you, but most of all we want to tell you about Jesus’s healthier, happier way to live me-free! Become a teen who thrives with new freedom, confidence, and influence in a world that compares. 


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Control Girl:

Lessons on Surrendering Your Burden of Control from Seven Women in the Bible

By: Shannon Popkin

A nine-week Bible study for women. 

Little fights with your husband and kids. Unhappiness when things don’t match your version of perfect. Tension, anger, fear-it all begins with a heart that craves control. When your vision of how life should be replaces God’s vision, you doom your quest for security, peace, and joy before it even starts. Thankfully, there is a better way.

Join Shannon as she shares what she has discovered about her own control struggles and about God from studying Control Girls in the Bible. Learn how you too can lay down this burden and find rest in surrendering to the One who truly is in control.

Comparison Girl with Teaching Videos

Comparison Girl:

Lessons from Jesus on Me-Free Living in a Measure-Up World

By: Shannon Popkin

A six-week Bible study for women. 

Do you constantly compare yourself with others? On social media, in your neighborhood, at church, or in the school drop-off lane, do you push yourself to prove that you measure up . . . and then feel ashamed when you don’t? Measuring yourself against others isn’t healthy. And it isn’t God’s plan. In fact, the way of Jesus is completely upside down from this measure-up world. He invites us to follow him and be restored to freedom, confidence, and joy.

Join Shannon Popkin as she shares what she has discovered about her own measure-up fears and get-ahead pride. With her trademark humor and straightforward honesty, she’s created this six-week Bible study to explore the conversations Jesus had and the stories he shared with people who–like us–were comparing themselves.

Leave measure-up comparison behind and connect with those around you by choosing Jesus’s me-free way of living: lifting others up and pouring yourself out!


Building a Platform to Elevate Jesus (Not Me)

By: Kate Motaung and Shannon Popkin

For writers, speakers, and ministry leaders.

“Your platform isn’t big enough.” If you’re a writer, speaker, or ministry leader, perhaps these five words have squelched your desire to share the message burning within. In today’s digital world, speakers and writers are expected to grow their own following–or platform of influence–before gaining access to a microphone or book contract.

But as a Christian, is there a way to gather followers and still follow Jesus? Is it possible to both build up your stats and take up your cross? How can you reconcile promoting yourself when you’re called to humble yourself, or elevating your name when you’re commissioned to elevate Christ’s?

Authors Kate Motaung and Shannon Popkin know what it’s like to wrestle with these questions. In Influence: Building a Platform that Elevates Jesus (Not Me), you’re invited to a platform-building coaching session with the carpenter from Nazareth. Join Shannon and Kate in this challenge to acknowledge the tension, set aside fears, examine hidden motives, and embrace the high calling of serving Christ. By utilizing the practical tools, exercises, and discussion questions provided, you’ll emerge with new confidence, awareness, and decision-making clarity–ready to step out and shine the light of Jesus from the platform God has strategically placed beneath your feet.

No te Compares

By: Shannon Popkin

A six-week Bible study for women. 




No Seas Una Mujer Controladora!

By: Shannon Popkin

A nine-week Bible study for women. 

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