God (not Siri) is my Helper

God (not Siri) is my Helper

Siri is like a giant mother in the sky. She gives information and direction generously to all who ask, without getting exasperated–no matter how dumb the question. Down below, sprinkled across the earth, are millions of lost, frustrated, confused, tardy, unsure...
The Father Who Eliminates Shame

The Father Who Eliminates Shame

Here’s one of my recent posts, featured last June on the “True Woman” blog–a ministry of Revive Our Hearts.  It was a rainy Saturday afternoon. I sent my college roommates to the dining hall without me because I wanted the dorm room to myself...

Horrible Stories grasped in Chubby Hands

She snuggles into her mom’s lap and says, “Read my fabrit story, Mommy!” Grasped in her chubby hands is the tale of Hansel and Gretal. You know–the story about a brother and sister,  captured by an evil witch in a candy house, who wants to...

His New Coach

On my son’s first night of football practice, his new coach started out with a short parent and player meeting to lay ground rules and set expectations.Twenty seconds in, the coach pointed at one of the players, leaned over and looked into his face, and said,...

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