Reflections on Surrender


Adult Coloring Book

God never intended you to carry the burden of trying to control everything.

Though most of us would agree God is in control, we find ourselves living as if he needed a little assistance from us. Let us entice you to a different perspective.

Inside these pages, you’ll be invited to surrender to an all-powerful, loving God. As you find a restful place to color and reflect on the truths contained here, you’ll find peace soaking into your very soul.





Reflections on Surrender is an adult coloring book, filled with truth about control, ourselves, and God–messages that closely correlate with Control Girl. 

While you don’t have to work through the Bible study to enjoy the coloring book (or vice versa), they do compliment each other nicely.

“Our hope for you is that as you add color and design to the artwork, you’ll also soak your heart in the truth on the page.”  – Janyre & Shannon

Original artwork by Janyre Tromp (who also was the editor for Control Girl).

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Weight .8 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 × .3 × 11 in

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