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Included: prayer cards, screen savers, and hand lettered verses from Philippians 2.

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Comparison Girl - Leader's Guide

Leaders, get your free Discussion Guide, plus other bonus materials sent to you by email. Sign up here.

Comparison Girl Group Activity

Invite your small group to learn to compare like Jesus did – by focusing on the “spout” instead of the measure-up “lines”. Get your set here.


Control Girl Freebies

Free set of bonuses which correlate with Control Girl, including:

  • Verses and heart questions for the Control Girl
  • Meditation Cards, Free Mom Pack
  • Verses for the Control girl Wife & more!

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Control Girl - Leader's Guide

Leaders, get your free Discussion Guide, plus other bonus materials sent to you by email. Sign up here.

Directed Prayer Stations

Leaders, these prayer stations make a great option for a women’s retreat, a bonus Bible study session, or for leadership training. The theme of these stations couples nicely with the Control Girl message, but works independently as well. Six directed stations, with a supply list. See more here.

Coloring Book

Reflections on Surrender is a coloring book companion to Control Girl with original artwork by Janyre Tromp. As you add color to these pages, we hope you’ll also soak your heart in the truth on each page, reminding you that God is in control so you don’t have to be. More info here. Get a free coloring page here. Purchase in my shop here


Circle Questions

A great resource for the Leader who wants to help her group connect. I call these Circle Questions because as you go around the circle answering questions, you’re pulling a tighter circle of support around each woman.

5 Categories, over 90 questions, and instructions included. Pick up your set here.


Blog Series & Media 

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Check out Shannon’s latest and most popular interviews and features! Find them all here.

The Control Girl Quiz is a great non-threatening way to introduce your mom, sister, friend, or aunt to the message of Control Girl!

12 part series (one post per quiz question). Sign up here

Just want the quiz? Go here.

Want to print the quiz? Go here.

Is some other Control Girl whose antics are causing you to fret, stew, or seethe? Does she produce anxiety or hostility in you? If so, this message for you.

6 part series offering you a new step each week for freeing yourself from that other Control Girl in your life. Sign up here.

Are you a Christian girl who loves Jesus, but struggles with anxiety, anger, or perfectionism? Do you think maybe CONTROL is more of a problem than you realized?

It was for me. Most people don’t talk about control issues, either in themselves or each other. But I think it’s better to talk about this ugly problem we have with trying to control it all, where it’s taking us in life, and how to choose a different path.

7 part series for the Christian Girl (teens and twenties). Get your free downloads and sign up here.


Should parents control their kids? Why did I choose women of the Bible for this study? Is surrender dangerous? Let’s talk through your questions, one by one.

4 part series with weakly encouragement to lay down your burden of control and be free. Sign up here.


What does it really look like to go from a Control Girl to Jesus Girl? In this series, eight women share how they are surrendering control in an area of life, and heading in a new direction.

8 part series, sharing the stories of eight women who are being transformed. Sign up here.

Are you sick and tired of your Control Girl tendencies? Take the Small Arrow Challenge, which focuses on moment-by-moment decisions which all add up to a new direction.

4 part series with weekly assignments for practicing “small arrow surrender”. Sign up here.

As Christian writers, speakers and leaders we are called to spread light and share our messages with the world! But not in the way the world says to. 

Come learn how to build a platform that elevates Jesus (not yourself.)

5 part series. Take the quiz, receive five posts to help you sort out your answers, and get several FREE BONUS materials when you sign up here.

Are you in? 25 days of: No Criticizing, No Complaining, No Correcting, No Condemning, No Comparing!

Let’s surrender control – and our controlling words – to the One who IS in control, this Christmas!

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Do you live like it's true?

From the platform, the page, or the podcast microphone, I'm inviting you to open your Bible with me, drink deeply of the Story, and live like it's true.

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