I’ve been noticing that there are two types of Control Girls. I wonder if you agree.

Control Girl, Type 1

She chafes at limits. Go ahead and tell her that the principal is only available on Tuesdays and Thursdays, between 8 and 11 a.m. Tell her that the 16th floor of the hotel is off limits, and only for VIP guests. Tell her that the sale is only on appliances over $1,000, even though the ad didn’t say so. I guarantee if you tell her, you’ll get a reaction; maybe even an entertaining one.

Control Girl Type 1 is constantly pushing the limits, and taking control in a pushy, driving way. She wants to be in control, not be controlled by the limits. She often struggles with her weight, her budget, and being anywhere on time. Why? Because these are each limits that she doesn’t like to deal with. She prefers to think of herself as an exception to the rule, rather than living within the limits. It’s because she likes to be in control.

Control Girl, Type 2

She’s nothing like Control Girl, Type 1. She’s all about the limits. She knows exactly how many calories she’s already eaten today, along with how many she’s burned. She is vigilant about taking vitamins, getting enough sleep, following the speed limit, and being on time. She is annoyed with people who didn’t read the fine print. You don’t have to tell her about the 16th floor of the hotel, the appropriate time to set up an appointment, or the limits of the sale; she already knows, because she read the fine print. If you want to get a reaction from her, mess with her plan for the day. It might be just as entertaining as telling Control Girl Type 1 that there is a plan.

Control Girl, Type 2 is always prepared, always ready, and always informed. She knows there will be limits and she’s ready for them. It’s because she likes to be in control.

Which Type Are You?

Giving control to God starts with understanding our own tendencies, struggles, and weaknesses. Think about one way you can relinquish control today. For half of us, this might mean not eating all the cookies we were planning to serve the kids, before they even get home from school. For the other half of us, it might mean serving ourselves ourselves some grace, in the form of a chocolate chip cookie, shared with our kids, while we hear about their day.

So, which Control Girl are you? Type 1? Type 2? Type 1+2? I’d love to know what you think! You can leave a comment, or private message me. Feel free to include any other input.

PS. What type am I? Every time I look at this picture of the cookies, I am reminded that I am not a Type 2 Control Girl. I could literally eat that whole display. Good thing there’s no such thing as digital calories! 🙂

A message to my faithful blog-reading friends: Sorry my Tiny Paragraphs have been few and far between, lately!

It’s not that I’m not writing; I’m just putting all of my tiny paragraphs into my upcoming book, Control Girl. My manuscript is due in just two months; then hopefully you’ll hear from me more frequently. Until then, please do pray for me! I believe God is going to do great things through this project. 🙂


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