Suppose you’re traveling and you know there are thieves up ahead. You also know you’ve got lots of cash and valuables on your person. What should you do?
This is basically the scenario we all face every day. We’re living in a dangerous world. Life has risk around every turn. As we embark on new legs of the journey, what should we do to prepare for the unknown risks up ahead?
We’re going to consider God’s perspective on those questions as we look at a lesser known story in our Bibles found in the book of Ezra.

Bible Passage: Fasting and Prayer for Protection – Ezra 8

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Carol Tetzlaff

Carol is an author, speaker, and co-owner of Redemption Press. Her passion is discipleship of all ages as she has served many years on staff at the local church in every capacity from kids’ ministry to worship ministries. Discipling has sifted from the local church to authors around the world as they partner together to spread the message of the gospel.
She is married to Kelley, and they have eleven fun and super cute grands. They have the best life ever together in Gilbert, Arizona. She also loves super-sweet iced coffee, spending time with friends, shopping at boutiques, and the color yellow. Finding a cute pair of shoes … on sale…  can make a good day even better.
Carol is the author of the 2022 Selah Award Bible Study winner,  Ezra: Unleashing the Power of Praise.

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Episode Chapters

Prepare for Risks in Dangerous World
Traveling and Unknowns in the Book
Fasting for Seeking God’s Guidance
Trusting God’s Protection in Life’s Journey
Praying With Faith for Big Outcomes
Trusting God’s Plan and Corporate Prayer


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