Dear Tiny Paragraph Reader,
Can I talk to you a sec? I just wanted to say thanks. You–a reader with access to the world wide web– obviously have a lot of other reading options. I’m happy to have you visit anytime, but if you’re someone who stops by regularly, I’m doubly honored. I think that bragging about how many unique visitors your site has is like bragging about how many people drove by your house. It’s the people who pull in the driveway regularly that count!
My love, as a writer, is sharing tiny paragraphs of life and connecting them to the One Great Story—God’s story. I especially love looking at the gap in perspective between a child and her parents, then comparing that gap to the infinitely greater gap between a child and her God. (If you look at my tabs, “Kids’Perspective” has the most tally marks.) Being a parent helps me understand what I don’t understand about the one Great Story that has been unfolding since day one of creation.
But in case you haven’t noticed, my kids are getting taller. In fact two of them are taller than me, and all three of them have bigger feet than I do! And while that perspective gap is still there (even if they are taller!), it’s changing.
In light of that, I have an announcement to make. I’m adding two new writers to Tiny Paragraphs. They are both exceptional, godly young moms who are very creative and gifted. They also both love to tell stories—especially about their sweet preschoolers. 
I’ll still be writing just as I have, but I think that these younger moms’ perspectives will generate Tiny Paragraphs that you’ll love to read. Look for their stories at least once a month–maybe more. I’m going to begin adding a small picture of the writer in the top right corner of the post. If you have ideas for us—what you’ve loved or what you don’t, please feel free to share those with me at Our hope is to inspire and encourage your faith.
So, I was going to do some cool, fun interview thing. But I think it’s best to just let my friends introduce themselves through their stories. I’ll add a picture of their families below. You’re gonna love these girls! J

Heidi and Michelle… welcome! I’m so glad God has brought our tiny paragraphs together.
Love, Shannon
Michelle’s family
Heidi’s family:

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