When I was expecting our first baby, I had driven to see my parents in Michigan for a few days over spring break. I was on my way back to Milwaukee–about an hour into the trip–when a car beside me started honking its horn.

I glanced over to see a man waving. It was my dad.

I pulled off at the next exit, and he pulled up beside me. He said, “You forgot all your clothes in the closet!” and he hopped out to start pulling my clothes from his trunk.

Mom had realized about 10 minutes after I left that I had forgotten them. They were concerned that these were the only maternity clothes I had to wear over the next month until the baby arrived. So my dad hopped in the car and drove off after me. (This was before we all owned cell phones.)

I’ve come to realize over the years that not all dads are like mine. Not just any dad would make a split second decision to set aside afternoon plans and take off down the highway, scanning the other vehicles, looking for one that was missing its maternity clothes.

I think of myself as a pretty secure person. I don’t worry excessively about what people think of me or struggle to gather my confidence. I think my dad has something to do with that. He’s always made me feel like I am important, worth the effort, and deeply loved.

My heavenly father is the one who created my unique personality, gifts, and abilities. But my earthly father is the one who filled me with the confidence to become that person God designed me to be.

Thanks, Dad, for being willing to chase me as far as necessary to show me you care. I love you.

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