Several years ago, I was surprised to hear some college kids I knew, calling themselves “evolutionists”. These kids attended a Christian college, so I was confused. I had thought Christianity and Evolution were mutually exclusive.

I did some digging and learned that this particular Christian college does, in fact, teach evolution–claiming that Genesis is to be read figuratively, not literally. They say that the fall of Adam and Eve was not a historical event, and point to recent genome studies as evidence that our genetically diverse humanity couldn’t possibly have descended from just two ancestors. (Read about this perspective here.)

I was shocked. Since these “evolutionist” college students were well loved by my kids, and held significant influence over them, my husband and I called a family huddle. Our kids attended public school, so it wasn’t uncommon for us to warn them about keeping their guard up against deception. But this was new. Now, we told them they might need to guard themselves around Christian friends as well. We explained that these particular friends had accepted the teaching of their college–which was clearly veering from the Bible’s teaching that God created Adam and Eve as fully formed, human beings.

Fast forward several years. Now that my soon-to-be-HS-senior-daughter has begun to research Christian colleges, I have fresh concern about what is being taught in these institutions. I would absolutely love to send my girl to a school where she can soak up the truth and mentoring of passionate professors, who will equip her to navigate the work place with a Christian worldview. My hope is that she would graduate with her mind sharpened to think biblically; able to strongly defend her faith.

Still, I have these nagging concerns. What if she soaks up false teaching in a Christian setting? What if her faith is shaken, not strengthened by the professors who will undoubtedly influence her? Obviously some Christian colleges are compromising on truth–which in my opinion, creates and even more potentially damaging setting! At least at a secular institution, her guard would naturally be up.

Dr. Georgia Purdom shares my concern for Christian college students. I recently reached out to Dr. Purdom, after my parents raved about her presentation at the Creation Museum. In, “The Genetics of Adam and Eve“, Dr. Purdum showed that the science of genetics actually confirms, rather than disproves, a historical Adam and Eve.

Dr. Purdom mentioned that many Christian colleges are compromising on this point, so I reached out to her, wanting to know if there was some list of schools who have committed to a literal Genesis perspective. I was delighted, when she responded and told me that, yes! There is such a list of colleges, who have signed Answers in Genesis’s statement of faith. (Check it out, here.)

She also told me about a fabulous resource, which I didn’t know about previously. Already Compromisedpublished in 2011, is a book which compiles the results of surveying these 230 Christian Colleges on what they are really teaching about the Bible and Science. Though I’ve just perused the book at this point (I’m taking it with me on vacation), I’ve already found it quite helpful. Here are a few surprising things I’ve read:

  • When the colleges polled were asked, “Do you believe that the Bible is literally true?”, 22% of the Religion Departments answered, “No.” (page 51)
  • When asked, “What does your institution teach about evolution?”, 0% of the presidents, and 31% of the Religion chair persons responded, “We teach it to be true.” Obviously, there’s a disconnect here! (page 88)
  • When college presidents and vice presidents were asked, “What makes education different at Christian compared to secular schools?“, the most common response (37%) by presidents was, “smaller class size.” Zero presidents and only 7.8% of vice presidents answered, “Teach different worldviews.” In addition, not one person mentioned apologetics or defending the Bible! (page 79).

Parents of potential colleges students, let’s be careful stewards of the children God has entrusted to us. Let’s help our kids find training in a place that will reinforce their faith, not pull it apart. Or, if they’re headed for a school where they will face opposition, let’s prepare them well. May our children never cave in to the deception, which has crept in and claimed the faith of so many.

The Deceiver prowls about Christian campuses, asking, “Did God really say…?” He is dismantling the faith of Christian kids, from inside their Christian college campuses! God, protect my children against the lies of the Enemy. May they be uncompromising, armed with unchanging Truth.

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