We’ve had a busy summer. The kids each did different camps, and we hosted a lot of friends here at our house. We decided the perfect way to recharge our batteries before school starts will be a four day Staycation–a vacation that requires no packing or traveling, and eliminates the expense of a hotel. (Plus, I’m so much more cheerful when I get to sleep in my own bed!)

Here are the rules:

1. We’ll begin each day with family devotions after breakfast and discuss our ‘goal’ for the day. For example, on Friday we plan to emphasize ‘kindness’ and read the story of the Good Samaritan. The next day we’ll share examples of kindness we saw in each other.
2. Laptops and cell phones will be turned off. These are the things that distract the parents away from family time. Cade’s lobbying to let him hide them somewhere in the house. We’ll let the kids check voicemails for emergencies.
2. Since the kids are often distracted away from family time by other kids, we’re putting this sign on our door: 
3. Everyone in our family has favorite places that we scatter to, which tends to detract from being together as a family. Therefore, the office, basement, and bedrooms will all be off limits.We’ll plan to spend most of our ‘at home’ time together in our kitchen, family room, or outside.
4. Since I tend to be pulled away from family time by cooking, cleaning, and laundry, I will do none of the above! We’ll eat out some, and I’ll plan some quick and easy meals to pop in the oven. I’ll also get caught up on laundry before our Staycation begins.
4. The night before each of our Staycation days, we will vote on an activity for the following day. We’ll check the weather report to help us decide. Here is the list we’ve put together so far (I meant ‘badminton’–no spell check on the white board).

Check back with us after Labor Day… We’re hoping you’ll find the Popkin family to be rested and refreshed from being together. 🙂

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