My friend, Angela, visited for a few days this week. At one point, while we were discussing parenting challenges, I began to cry. Words toppled out of my mouth, as if they were trying to keep up with my tears. I explained my frustrations and my fears for the future. And then…. I felt so much better!

After Angela reminded me of God’s faithfulness and prayed with me, I said, “Thanks so much. I’m sorry for dumping on you.”

She leaned forward, and with an edge of disgust in her voice, said, “Yea, I mean I came here for a good time! What is all this! This isn’t any fun at all. I mean, the pizza last night was pretty good, so I guess it makes up for it, but you better let me eat the leftovers!”

And then we laughed over how ridiculous that sounded. She said, “Why would you say sorry for dumping on me?” I said, “I don’t know… it’s just what you say.”

I think Angela would agree that we did have a good time. We shared deeply and encouraged each other with truth. We prayed for our husbands and families and churches. We laughed and we cried. What better time could there be than that??

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