Influence: Building a Platform to Elevate Jesus (Not Me)


Is there a way to gather followers and still follow Jesus? Is there a way to both take up our cross and build up our stats? Is it possible to raise our Google rank and still elevate Christ?

Kate and I are excited to tell you that we’ve come to the strong and happy conclusion that there is a way. We’ve written this book to help you sort out some of the same questions we’ve wrestled with.

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“Your platform isn’t big enough.”

If you’re a writer, speaker, or ministry leader, perhaps these five words have squelched your desire to share the message burning within. In today’s digital world, speakers and writers are expected to grow their own following–or platform of influence–before gaining access to a microphone or book contract.

But as a Christian, is there a way to gather followers and still follow Jesus? Is it possible to both build up your stats and take up your cross? How can you reconcile promoting yourself when you’re called to humble yourself, or elevating your name when you’re commissioned to elevate Christ’s?

In Influence, you’re invited to a platform-building coaching session with the carpenter from Nazareth. As you set aside fears, examine hidden motives, and gain decision-making clarity, you’ll emerge with new confidence and awareness–ready to step out and shine the light of Jesus from the platform God has strategically placed beneath your feet.

Releasing January, 2019

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