Comparison Girl


6-week women’s Bible study on comparison, studying the upside-down teachings of Jesus.

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Lessons from Jesus on Me-Free Living in a Measure-Up World

Do you compare yourself with others? As you scroll through social media, sit in church, or drive through your neighborhood, do you constantly glance sideways, wondering, “How do I measure up?”

Our enemy uses comparison against us. He drives us to exhaustion trying to prove that we measure up, then shames us when we don’t. But Jesus came to restore our freedom, confidence, and joy.

In this six-week study, we’ll examine conversations Jesus had and stories he shared with people, who—like us—were comparing. As with the disciples, Pharisees, and tax-collectors, Jesus invites us to leave behind our measure-up fears and get-ahead pride, and live like he did—lifting others up and pouring ourselves out.

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