I brought my friend’s little boy, Matthew, to the bathroom while his mom was occupied. After I got him settled on the potty, he said, “I need piy-cee.”

I said, “You need a potty seat?”

He said, “No. I need piy-cee.”

I said, “You need Percy?”

He said, “No. I need piy-cee.”

I said, “Oh! You need a potty treat? After you go potty…”

He said, “No. I need piy-cee.”

I said, “Piy-cee? Hmmm..” I looked around the room for something that might sound like ‘piy-cee’. I said, “Matthew, I don’t see any piy-cee here.”

He said, “I need piy-cee.”

He could tell we were stuck. He said, “I need… umm… Can you shut the door?”

I said, “Oh!! You need PRIVACY!” I went out right away and shut the door. (Until he needed me to put his batman underwear back on.)

Sometimes, we just get stuck. We’re trying the best we can to tell the person what we need, but they just aren’t hearing it. Maybe we need to take a tip from Matthew and try saying it a different way.

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