We do send our kids to a public school.

We don’t attend Sunday Evening services.

We do dress up for Halloween.

We don’t let our kids read Harry Potter.

We did immunize our babies. 

We didn’t pick them up whenever they cried.

We do use birth control.

We don’t have more children than mini van seats.

We do let our boys play with plastic guns and Nerf swords.

We don’t make our daughter wear dresses– even to church.

We do consume pop and brownies and McDonalds and other junk quite regularly.

We don’t consume alcohol, except on very rare occasions.

We are accountable to God for each of these areas.

We aren’t convinced that our convictions will never change.

We do add our voices to yours as you sing:

Your blood has washed away my sin;
Jesus, thank you.
The Father’s wrath completely satisfied,
Jesus, thank you.
Once Your enemy; Now seated at Your table.
Jesus, thank you!

We won’t gasp or glare or scootch our chair at the table away from yours just because your list doesn’t match ours.

There are no enemies at His table. Only friends.

Do you live like it's true?

From the platform, the page, or the podcast microphone, I'm inviting you to open your Bible with me, drink deeply of the Story, and live like it's true.

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