TRADITION: Each year, Ken and I choose a verse-of-the-year for each of our kids. We think through the individual  challenges or struggles he/she is facing and try to find a fitting verse. Doing so reminds us to periodically evaluate where our kids are in their walk of faith, determine what they need, and find Scripture that matches this leg of the journey.

WHEN: We started out doing this on birthdays, but then I forgot one, and the birthday boy was insulted by his verse-less celebration. So from now on, we’re doing them at the beginning of the school year–all 3 at once, even-Steven! This year, we gave our kids their verses the day before school started, but it certainly isn’t too late. In fact, next year we might wait until late September, so we have a better feel for what their school year will look like.

HOW: We set aside a special family time for Ken to present each child’s verse, explain why we chose it, and pray over him/her. During the year, we’ll say the verse regularly to/with our kids, and talk about the verse’s meaning.

WHAT: I used my digital scrapbooking software to create these personalized 5×7 prints that go with the decor of my kids’ rooms, along with a current picture. (But handwritten would work just as well!) The prints go into a picture frame, with the previous years’ verses hidden behind the current one.

WHY: I envision my kids, someday, thumbing through their verses and thinking, “Aww… that’s my verse from third grade!” Our hope in this tradition is to help our kids see that Scripture is precious and meaningful for each stage of life.

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