Here’s a conversation I had one summer morning, with my nine-year-old son:

Me: Honey, did you open the side door in the garage this morning?

Him: Yeah, I went outside this morning while you guys were still sleeping.

Me: What??! What were you doing outside?

Him: I was digging up worms in the yard.

Me: Worms?? Why were you digging up worms?

Him: ‘Cause I noticed the birds and I thought they might be hungry.

Me: Birds? What birds?

Him: Well, there were a bunch of birds in the neighbor’s yard.

Me: So you brought worms to the neighbor’s yard?

Him: Yeah, I went and threw the worms to the birds, but I’m not sure if they ate them. They just flew away.

Me: Which house did you throw worms at?

Him: (Looking out the window) That white one, and the yellow one… and the gray one… a whole bunch of houses.

So, my son had been up with the birds, throwing worms into random neighbor’s yards. How lovely.

But God did say he feeds the birds (Matt 6:26). You don’t suppose he had nine-year-old boys in mind when he made this promise, do you?

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