Once when I was a new teacher, my mom gave me a perm. (It was stylish in those days to frizz your hair out like a big brillo pad.) When I went to school the next day, one of the other teachers said, “Oh, I love your perm! I wish I had enough money to get a perm…” We didn’t make a lot of money at our Christian school.

So I said, “My mom will give you one!”

I brought her home with me, sat her down at the kitchen table, and let my mom do her magic. My friend was so excited, and her perm was perfect.

I’m sure my mom doesn’t even remember this friend. That was a long time ago, and in the mean time, Mom has helped countless others with perms, homemade meals, planting gardens, stripping wallpaper and painting, taking care of babies, alterations, window treatments, and more.

I’ve always intuitively known that I could bring any friend home with any predicament, and my mom would use her many gifts to help them. And not begrudgingly–she really loves to serve people. I should know. I’ve been on the receiving end of her serving hands more times than I could count.

Thanks, Mom, for being so much like Jesus–giving your life to serve others. I love you.

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