This morning, I told Cade, “You get to wear your pj’s to school! It’s Polar Express day!”

He said, “Oh! But, mom are you sure it’s today? What if it’s another Monday and you have it mixed up?” I assured him that it was today–next Monday he won’t have school because it will be the day after Christmas. So he brushed his teeth and went to pick out the perfect stuffed bear to bring.

But on his way down the stairs, after glancing at himself in the mirror, I heard him say quietly, “Lord, please, please help it to really be pajama day at school today.”

When you’re in second grade, going to school in your pj’s is like parachuting out of a plane–quite thrilling, but you’re hoping everyone got the details straight.

I guess it’s great to know that my boy trusts the Lord, even if he can’t completely trust his quite-often-mixed-up-and-confused Mama.

(Before the bus came, I dug through the trash to make sure I had the date from the note right. Today IS the 19th, right?)

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