Five or six years ago, I began complaining about our kitchen to my husband. I said that it was too small. You could only fit a tiny round table in the eating area, and there wasn’t nearly enough room if we wanted to have a big group of people over for dinner. Plus, the kids had to get off their stools at the island if I wanted to get the milk out of the fridge behind them.

That’s how small it was. And the kids were only getting bigger. 
But one day, I thought of a solution: I told my husband that putting an addition on the back of our house would be a great idea! It would solve all of our problems! 
He wasn’t aware that we had any problems. He didn’t mind asking the kids to get off their stools if he needed milk. And he didn’t really want to have a big group over for dinner anyway. 
It became a point of contention between us. The friction seemed to mount every time I would show him the new drawing I had made of the addition. What was I thinking? That he would look at the window seats and built in shelving I had added to the drawing and say, “Oh, now I see it! Yes, what a great idea, Honey!”?? 
Because that never happened. 
Ken just got quieter and my drawings got more elaborate.  
Now, in fairness to Ken, I should tell you that he did not drag me into our small-kitchened house kicking and screaming. Actually, I told him it was my ‘happily ever after’ house. 
But now I was thinking ‘happily ever after… the addition’. 
Let me interject here with a word to the wives. Obviously, I get it that ‘happily ever after’ is only the preface to our next chapter! But, when God gave us a Prince Charming, he intended him to be a main character! The illustration on the next page should not only reflect our dreams, but also Prince Charming’s planning and leadership.

Now, I don’t think God rolls his eyes at our girly drawings or dreams. (And Prince Charming shouldn’t be doing that either.) But I do think that when God gave us husbands as leaders, he gave us a good thing. So whatever we’re drawing or dreaming about, maybe today is a good time to pause, quiet our hearts, and ask, “Am I willing to let God write the happy ending to this story? Or have I yanked the pen out of His hand?”

To be continued…
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