The kids had been complaining about bees in the basement. From their lego territory, they would call out, “Mom, there’s another bee flying around down here!”

But I just never took the time to go down and check it out. I would say, “Ok… just leave it alone.” Was I thinking the bee would find its way back outside? I’m not sure. I guess it was easier to ignore the problem, and hope it went away. 
Then, one day, little Cole came upstairs and looked me in the eye. He said, “Mom, this bee thing is creeping me out. I think I hear bees buzzing in the wall.”
“What?!” I said with instant alarm. “Show me!” So we ran downstairs together. 

I was astounded. There were literally hundreds of bees lying dead along the window sill and on the ledge. And he was right. There was definitely a buzzing sound in the wall. Right next to my boys’ ever expanding lego kingdom.

Within hours, a bee expert was telling me, “You called just in time. If those bees had burrowed through your drywall…” I didn’t let him finish the sentence. There were young children present.
Yet I had left those precious young children at risk–so busy with dinner or laundry or cleaning that I tuned out the signs of danger. 
I think it’s easy, as a mom, to focus on the things that I can accomplish today. Like making dinner. Or cleaning the bathroom. I prefer to ignore those little buzzing sounds that I hear–my child’s blame shifting or uncontrolled anger or media addiction or negative self image–and hope the problem goes away. When I hear the buzz, I say, “OK… let’s just leave it alone.” But that only puts everyone at greater risk. 
There isn’t a number in the phone book for every one of my kids’ issues. But there is an expert–the one who knit them together in my womb. The moment I ask, he’ll be right at my side. And rather than chiding me, he’ll say, “You called just in time…” and he’ll know what to do.

“If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given to him. But let him ask in faith with no doubting…”
James 1:5-6a

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