Dear Seventeen-Year-Old Me,

Right about now, you’re noticing that it only takes a few inches of skin to make you more noticeable—especially to boys. Whether you want to admit it or not, girls like that sense of power they get when boys glance at them. It’s called ‘turning heads’. And you will be tempted to experiment with this.
There will be this one time that your mom notices, with much displeasure, that you’ve pulled off the ‘chastity panels’ (the term your friends invented) she sewed onto your swimsuit to make it more modest. Yes, you’ll tell yourself (and your mom) that you pulled the material off because the stitching was coming loose. And it was. But, your personal convictions about modesty are coming loose, too.
I want you to remember something. There is a man out there whom God is preparing for you. At this very moment in life, this guy is learning to look away and save his eyes for you. He’s developing convictions and a dedication to God, which will someday make him a devoted husband. And when he is your husband, you’ll get to divulge all the secrets that God is asking you to keep right now.
Don’t make the mistake of teasing the attention of boys who soon won’t mean anything to you. Don’t disclose yourself to men who make no commitment to you. Don’t wear shorts or skirts that are too short, or tops that are too low. Don’t choose clothes that are tight or see-through.
The attention that comes from dressing this way is not the sort of attention you want. Wait until you have the full attention of one man, who has devoted his life to you. That’s worth adding a few inches of material here and there, don’t you think?
“Behold, you are beautiful, my love…”
Song of Solomon 1:15
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