I’ve written the book, Control Girlnot as a celebration of control. Rather, it’s a call to break free from the burden control places onto our shoulders! The goal is not to stay Control Girls. We want to be transformed! But how is this possible? Especially when your husband is about to embarrass you by wearing jeans to a wedding. Or your teen is looking at porn. Or you mother-in-law keeps showing up, uninvited.

For some of us, this some of us the desire to take control and make everything turn out right is the like an undertow that has been pulling us deeper into our pattern of control for years!  How can we ever become Jesus Girls, who say to God, “Not my will but Yours be done,”?

Friend, if you want to change, I have good news. That’s what God wants for you, too! In fact, He’s pulled together an regimen designed uniquely for you. And what are the exercises He’s chosen? He’s given you things you can’t control. He’s put your right in the middle of situations, relationships, and work places that you really want to control, but can’t. He’s selected these people and situations as invitations to trust Him, and give Him the reins.

Now, let me warn you. Giving God control won’t be a one time event. In fact, once you decide to surrender this thing you’d like to control to God, you might have to repeat that decision 42 more times. In a single afternoon. Surrendering control is an ongoing, moment-by-moment process, but this is God’s design for change. It’s how he makes us more like Jesus.

Women Like You

The stories told in this series are from real live women like you, who faced things they wanted to control but couldn’t. These women have had fear, anxiety, anger, perfectionism, and frustration to work through in an ongoing way. But in the end, they have found that control doesn’t bring the peace, joy, and security they long for. These gifts are only the result of surrender.

In some of the stories, the names have been changed. In others, the authors share their stories first hand. One story is shared via video interview. Each one tells about a real woman with real pain, surrendering to a real God who loves her.

I hope that as you read these stories, you’ll be inspired, as I have been. I hope that you’ll consider the ways God is inviting you to a path that leads from Control Girl to Jesus Girl.



Do you have a Control Girl to Jesus Girl story to share? Contact me using the form below. I’d love to hear from you! While I can’t promise to publish every story, I certainly will take the time to hear yours.

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