In this “Control Girl to Jesus Girl Series”, I’m sharing stories of women who are on the path from Control Girl to Jesus Girl. Like me, these women would not say that they’ve arrived. They can’t claim to be perfectly Christ-like. But they are heading in a new direction.

I was blessed to have Kim share at our Kregel Parable Release Party. Here’s what she said: 

“About twelve years ago, my husband and I were going through a divorce and we separated for two years. After a lot of ugliness and trying to control each other, God got ahold of both of us. He shook around a bit and woke us up, and we decided we were going to follow His plan for marriage. We’ve now been married for close to 22 years. So having been someone who almost lost my marriage, I could really relate with this statement in Control Girl:

My culture may cheer me on when I’m pushy, independent, demanding, and domineering, but when I turn on my heel and bring these attitudes to my marriage or other relationships, I inevitably drive in wedges. The more controlling I get, the less happy we all are. God provides a better way. (Control Girl, p. 51)

“God restores marriages like mine, but what about our culture? And what about women? The first time I read this quote from Shannon’s book, we were in the midst of the presidential election…”

Listen to the rest of Kim’s story here:

Faced with today’s political climate, many women feel the burden to take control. They heap the weight of the world on their shoulders. But Kim says, “God’s plan is bigger and better than anything that’s going on in our world right now.”

She also mentioned timing. God’s timing. She said, “I remember reading those words on page 51 in November and thinking, ‘Wow. Shannon couldn’t have known the timing of this book.'”

It’s true! I fully expected that the book would be published in 2015 instead of 2017. But as Kim said, God’s timing is perfect.

Friend, are you feeling anxious, angry, frustrated, helpless, confused, or stressed out about the future? Perhaps this message is meant for you. Today. I invite you to consider the truth woven throughout Control Girl: God is in control, not us. And when we live accordingly, we find the peace, joy, security, and hope that vying for control never brings.

Are You a Control Girl?

Take the Quiz to find out! Then come check your answers with the “Control Girl Quiz Series”. This series is meant to get you thinking about your own possible struggles with control. As a follow up, I hope you’ll consider my new book, Control Girl: Lessons on Surrendering Your Burden of Control from Seven Women in the Bible.

Control Girl to Jesus Girl

Have you checked out the inspiring, real life stories in the “Control Girl to Jesus Girl” series? Come learn from other women who are on the path from Control Girl to Jesus Girl. Learn from their mistakes and take hope from the future they are embarking on!

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