It’s sharing week! All week long, I’ll be sharing some of my friends’ amazing new resources. First up is my friend, Lee Nienhuis’s new book, Brave Moms, Brave Kids. Lee is such an exceptional, insightful, wise, sweet person. I just know you’re going to love her new book! GIVEAWAY instructions below!

I was thinking about all of my friends’ books coming out, when I listened to the introduction of John Piper’s new book, Understanding the Bible Supernaturally. Here’s what he said:

“God has used hundreds of people to help me understand and love the Bible. I would like to help you—so you can help others. This is as it should be: a legacy of shared illumination until God’s purposes for the church and the world are complete. May God turn your own ripple into a wave of blessing for the few you know and the thousands you don’t. I am praying to this end.”

Isn’t that a great thought? We are meant to learn from each other and carry forward the purposes of God. So as I introduce you to my friends, I’m really inviting you to take a step forward, gather some new insights, and go change the world!

Lee Nienhuis and I have only gotten to connect a few times at various writer and speaker events, but I already love her. And I’ve already learned so much from her! Here, I’ll let her introduce herself to you directly:

So… what do you think? Are you ready to gather up some of your mom friends and get reading? Pick up a copy for yourself and a friend, today!

Also… let’s do a giveaway!! You have TWO ways to win:

  • FOLLOW Lee at or on Facebook at Lee Tutor Nienhuis and TAG a friend and you will get BRAVE bracelets from 
  • SHARE this post on social media we’ll enter you to win a FREE book! (Use #bravekidsbravemoms so we can find you.)

Check out Lee Nienhuis's new book Brave kids Brave Moms and enter to win a FREE copy! Click To Tweet

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