Check out my first post on Beyond Bath Time, a blog that supports motherhood as a sacred role. This blog is a follow up to Erin Davis’ new book with the same title, just released in April.

I haven’t met Erin in person, but I feel like I have! She was kind enough to join (via Skype) the ‘Mother-Daughter Shin Dig’ that my daughter and I recently hosted. As Erin talked to the girls (and moms!) about her message in Graffiti: Learning to See the Art in Ouselves, I grew to appreciate the passion this young mom has for godly girl-hood and beyond.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed interacting with Erin, and I’m thrilled to be a contributor to her “Beyond Bath Time” blog.

Here’s what Erin says about her book and blog:

“Beyond Bath Time is a book created to help moms like you re-think your role. It’s a community of moms connected through this website and committed to re-claiming motherhood as a sacred role. It’s a call to mothers everywhere to live out their God-given design as life-givers with God’s glory in mind.

“I’m looking for a few good moms. Moms who will dare to hold on to a view that seems old-fashioned and out-of-date and search for God’s heart on the issue of motherhood. Moms who are willing to do some work to see past the endless list of responsibilities that come with mothering in order to see a bigger, more eternal picture. I’m looking for women who will stand up to the culture and re-claim motherhood as a high and holy calling.

“I’m looking for you.”

Come, check out Beyond Bath Time… and send a link to a mom or two!

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