On Easter Sunday, I was trotting behind my grocery cart, all panicky because the Easter flowers were completely picked over and I had nothing to put on my table to pretty it up. So, at a brunch this week, when my friend Rachel Heagle shared her bountiful supply of thrifty, nifty ways to decorate your table, I was all ears.

I’m hosting a dinner party tomorrow, and decided to ‘Rachify’ my table. Want to see? I’ll give you the play by play, in case you have a table that needs a springy touch.

I’ve looked and looked for a table runner that I like, with no luck. Here is the fabric in my kitchen that I’ve been trying to match:

(I love this fabric, don’t you??)

But rather than buying an expensive table runner, Rachel showed us how to use ribbon in stead.

First I picked up a bunch of ribbons at Hobby Lobby, half off.

I tried several combinations…

But decided on this one! (I’ll take the rest back…)

See how you basketweave the pieces as they intersect?

Next, the napkins. Rachel suggested using floral wire, which you can twist around something of your desired diameter. (If I were using linen napkins, I would have chosen something larger.)

See how I spiraled the end? You can make the spirals tighter if you want to add a placecard. I wanted to add a flower, so I added a loop before I started:

After twisting the wire around the can, I popped an artificial flower off its stem, poked its back through the loop, and glue gunned it from behind. I rolled a napkin up, inserted it into the loops, and voila! A napkin ring!

The best part? So cheap! The whole bunch of flowers cost me only $1 at Hobby Lobby (half off).

But the next part cost even less, since I had everything I needed on hand! I found three vases, and filled them part way with water.

The I scrunched up some saran wrap (a much cheaper alternative to water polymer crystals) and tucked it into the water. Then, I plucked some daffodils from their stems and poked them into the saran wrap.

And here’s my springy table top! Thanks, Rachel!

Any guesses on how much I spent???

Now it’s your turn! How do you pretty up your table?

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