This lotion was like a magic eraser! When my friend spread it on her daughter’s horrible Eczema, the scales and blisters amazingly disappeared! Jen was so thrilled to be able to give her little girl relief.

But within a short time, Jen noticed little bumps popping up all over her daughter’s arms and face. Jen took her to the doctor and was surprised to learn that the bumps were caused by a staph infection. How could she have gotten a staph infection? The doctor researched and found that in a tiny fraction of cases, the ‘Magic Eraser Lotion’ causes staff infections. The lotion, which had proven so helpful, had to be tossed in the trash.

Soon, the staph infection was gone, but the Eczema was back. Terribly frustrated, and longing for her daughter to be free of the miserable condition, Jen cried out the Lord, asking, “Why? I don’t understand why you would take this away from her!”

But the answer came, years later, when the ‘Magic Eraser Lotion’ was found to cause cancer in young children. Had the staff infection never come, her precious daughter would now be facing a far greater threat than pesky Eczema.

Sometimes, the Lord is kind enough to lean down and whisper into our motherly ears, “Here’s why.” But even when he doesn’t–even when we must groan through burdensome trials–we must always be “of good courage… for we walk by faith, not sight.” (II Cor. 5:6-7)

What is our faith in? It’s in a God who, in the midst of giving and taking things away from us is never–not even for one moment–against us. And one day soon, he will perfectly erase all of our pain–for good!

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