“You don’t have time to worry about this,” I reasoned with myself. Pulling my eyes from the flashing lights in my rear view mirror, I willed myself to focus on the notes in my lap.

Ten minutes later, the officer returned and asked where I was headed. “Uh…” I said, glancing at the post-it note stuck to the top of my notes, “First Baptist Church.”

I gave him the address, then explained, “I’m speaking at their MOPS–Mothers Of Pre-Scoolers– meeting this morning.” He asked if I was going to make it on time, and I smiled cheerfully saying, “It’ll be close, but I hope so!”

Thankfully, he let me go with a warning about small towns and sudden speed limit drops.

After spending the morning with a charming group of young moms, I drove back through that same sleepy town, and recalled my earlier encounter with the police officer.

It had been so different from the other times I’ve been pulled over. (Yes, it has happened before…)

Ordinarily, I would have fumed over the delay, and the potential ticket. I would have been frustrated with myself, fretting about what this would potentially cost. I probably would have glared at the police officer in my rear-view mirror as he sauntered back to his car with my license and registration,  muttering under my breath, “Why don’t you go catch a bad guy?”

Being pulled over could easily have tarnished my entire morning.

But this time, I was single minded. I didn’t allow myself the time to get worked up over a possible ticket. I needed to focus on what I planned to say that morning, and keep my heart and mind prepared to serve the women there. I couldn’t afford to get distracted and frustrated.

Plus, it just didn’t seem right for a MOPS speaker to be fuming at a police officer, who was just doing his job.

As I drove along, careful to observe the 25 mph speed limit, I marveled at the significant ways God had used me that morning. One woman, in particular, said the message was tailored to her unique situation and heart struggle on that very day. I was so thankful I hadn’t allowed my focus to drift, for her sake. And for Jesus’ sake, too.

When I experience stalls in life, or frustrating obstacles that seem to keep me from the important things I’m headed toward, It’s so important that I be single minded. There isn’t time to get bent out of shape over trivial setbacks. I can’t afford to obsess over my silly mistakes.

I need to remind myself, “I’m serving Jesus today!” Which is true, whether I’m out serving Him as a speaker, or home, serving him as a wife and mom.

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