Welcome to my brand new Bible podcast, devoted to helping you know the story, share the story, and live the story! Listen to the trailer for more: 


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Welcome to Live Like It’s True!

I’m so excited to share my brand new podcast with you! 

Live Like It’s True is devoted to helping you know the story, share the story, and live the story. What story? The true story the Bible tells. In this trailer episode, I’ll be sharing what you can expect from each episode, the guests I’ve invited for this first season, and my hopes and goals for the podcast, overall. 

Welcome to the trailer episode!

Bible passage: Overview

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Stories of Jesus

In first season of episodes, where we’ll be looking at astonishing, jaw-dropping stories of Jesus. 

What I love about these stories is that—in a succinct way, they bundle up rich truths about God. Think of the story as like a velvet pouch with a draw string that is filled with precious gems. When you learn the story, it’s like gathering up treasure and storing it up in your heart. Then any time you want, you can open that pouch and spread out the gems and look at them from different angles. The story is what holds them together, but each one holds such treasure that you’ll want to go back and examine them over and over. 

Discovering the Stories Together

Since one of my favorite things in the world is to talk with a friend about a Bible story, that’s what I’ll be doing here on the podcast. I’ve learned so much through these conversations and I’m delighted to share them with you. 

  • In episode one, Kelly Needham and I talked about the True Story on the Roof. The story about the four friends who lowered their paralyzed friend through a roof and got him to Jesus.
  • In episode two, Mary DeMuth and I talked about The True Story at the Well. This is the longest recorded theological conversation Jesus had with anyone–and he had it with a woman who was not Jewish and who was an outcast, most likely because she had not been able to have children.
  • Erica Wiggenhorn and I talked about the True Story at Simon’s Table. It’s a story about an awkward, ugly-crying moment, some terrible hospitality, and Jesus who does what nobody expected. 

In each episode, we’ll talk through what was astonishing about this situation—both then and now. Our tone is conversational and back and forth, and we hope you’ll feel like you’re right at the table with us. 

Live the Story

It’s one thing to know the story, it’s another thing to live like it’s true. So that’s what I named this podcast: Live Like It’s True. So at the end of each episode, we’re talking about:

  • What difference would it make if we lived like the story wasn’t true?
  • And what difference would it make if we lived like it was true? 

Share the Story

 On this podcast, I want to help you become a better story teller. We want to not only know the story of God, but share it! Often, with this goal in mind, we try to take the big story of salvation and distill it down to a simple message that can be shared in one minute or less. But that’s a lot for somebody to take in!

Would it be more natural to share just one of these stories of Jesus? The stories are interesting and they naturally beg the questions we’re trying to answer when we try to fit everything into the size of a gospel tract. It’s absolutely important that we know and understand the big, overarching story the Bible tells. But it’s also important for us to treasure up the individual stories of God’s Word.

And when we share the stories with someone else, it’s like opening up your little velvet pouch and spreading out the jewels so that you can examine and admire them together. 

Episode Structure

At the midroll, I’ll take a few minutes to focus on these goals of story-treasuring and story-sharing. So we’ll talk about how to  approach the stories in the Bible (for instance, the Bible uses a “show, don’t tell” approach, and includes irony!) and how to give them away. 

Each episode will last about 35 or 40 minutes, and at the end, I’ll encourage you to go and read the story in your Bible. There’s power in the Word of God and I don’t want you to miss it.

I’ve put together a free set of Bible readings and discussion questions, in case you’d like to engage the stories as a small group, and you can get those here. And then at the end of each episode, after we’ve talked through one of these astonishing stories,  I’ll invite you to live like the story is true. 

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Season One Bible Readings

Throughout season one, we’re discussing the True Stories of Jesus. At the end of each episode, I’m inviting you to open your Bible and read the story for yourself.

Sign up HERE for your Season One Bible Reading & Discussion Guide. This Freebie includes all of the True Stories of Jesus that we’ll be talking through during season one, plus some ways for you to think through what each story reveals about Jesus and how to live like the story is true! Designed for you to use


Included are:

  • The True Story on the Roof
  • The True Story at the Well
  • The True Story of the Sinful Woman

As a bonus, you’ll also get a set of my “True Story” two-page studies, including:

  • The True Story of Jonah
  • The True Story of Rahab
  • The True Story on Mt. Caramel



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