When I was twenty-three, I sensed God leading me to accept a job offer in Milwaukee. Before making the decision, I had visited a Milwaukee church, and being the single girl that I was, I scanned the pews for any interesting looking guys. 

Zilch. I didn’t see even one hopeful looking dating candidate. This was quite a contrast from back home, where my church seemed to be teeming with handsome, godly, single men.
Since my primary objective was to figure out my future last name, the thought of not sharing the same zip code with those crowds of marriage potentials (my memory may be inflating this image a bit…), made me feel insecure about this move. It seemed risky, somehow. Like I wasn’t playing the odds very well. 
But I’m glad that I didn’t let these fears hold me hostage, because tucked away in a basement Sunday School room of that church in Milwaukee was a very handsome, godly man who soon became my husband. 

My fear (of not finding a husband) could have kidnapped me and kept me from the very husband God wanted me to have! Peter said that Jesus paid our ransom so that we could be free from such kidnappers (I Peter 1:13-19). Free! 

Don’t let your fears kidnap you. You’ve been set free! Now, go follow God.

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