What would you do, if God asked you to give Him everything? What if you were already reeling with struggle and loss, and He asked you to sacrificially give what little you have, to Him? That’s exactly what we’re going to see in this story about the Widow of Zarephath from I Kings 17. But actually, isn’t this true for all of us? Doesn’t God ask each of us to give all that we have—even when we don’t have much—to Him? But what if, when we open our hands to God, we learn that there there’s more to our story than we realized?

Today’s episode is part of my Summer Standout series. Over the summer, I’m connecting with a handful of fellow authors and Bible teachers, and letting them choose the story from the Bible that we’ll look at.

I’m so delighted to have my new friend, Lisa Appelo joining me for this beautiful conversation.

Lisa is a former litigating attorney. She founded a team of writers at hopeingrief.com and serves on the Executive Team for COMPEL with Proverbs31Ministries. As a single mom of seven, Lisa’s days are filled with parenting, ministry, and long walks to justify lots of dark chocolate. Lisa’s giving away a copy of her brand new book, Life Can Be Good AgainI think you’re going to be so encouraged, and also challenged by my conversation with Lisa about The True Story of the Widow’s Last Meal.

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Guest: Lisa Appelo

Bible Passage: 1 Kings 17:8-16

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Lisa Appelo

A former litigating attorney, Lisa is passionate about rich Bible teaching. She writes at the popular site LisaAppelo.com, founded a team of writers at hopeingrief.com, and serves on the Executive Team for COMPEL with Proverbs31Ministries. As a single mom of seven, Lisa’s days are filled with parenting, ministry, and long walks to justify lots of dark chocolate. Connect with Lisa on IG @LisaAppelo.

Find Lisa:

Life Can Be Good Again

Lisa Appelo is a speaker inspiring women to cultivate faith in life’s storms and author of Life Can Be Good Again: Putting Your World Back Together After It All Falls Apart. When life shatters and you’re navigating a life you didn’t sign up for, Lisa provides compassionate, Biblical insight to help you find your footing, process raw emotion, and anchor your threadbare hope to see you won’t merely survive this, but that life can be good again.

What if There’s More?

Friend, whatever you’re going through, it’s not hopeless. This widow had a whole new chapter of miracles awaiting her; she just had to respond in faith and open her hand to God.

How is God asking you to open your hand today? Is there some way that He is asking you to be extravagantly generous?

After we finished this recording, Lisa and I talked about how—going into our conversation, neither of us were thinking about how central generosity is to this story, and then we each shared a couple more personal stories about generosity that have shaped our lives. While I don’t have a recording of that part of the conversation to share with you, I’d love to encourage you to open your Bible and take some time in I Kings 17, considering how this story refutes any of the false narratives you’ve been believing.

Also, I wanted to mention an organization called Generous Giving, which has meant so much to my husband and me. We were invited to a weekend retreat a few years back, and were so inspired by the conversations about what the Bible says about generosity, along with some modern stories of generous people. I’ll link to GenerousGiving.org in case you, too, want to be inspired by some really amazing stories of generosity.

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I think this is particularly true of the story we’re going to look at—which, ironically, is the story of Paul—who loved to use both propositional arguments and story to proclaim the one True Story of God. I think Paul would love the fact that we’re using his story to refute the world’s false narratives.

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