When Lindsay was two, we were at the beach one day and she tipped her little head back to peer up at a teenager on his lifeguard chair. With great veneration, she announced in reverent tones, “That’s the king, isn’t it, Daddy?” 

She had gathered all the information she deemed necessary to make this assessment:  She had seen the kings in her Bible story book sitting on tall chairs.  This guy was on a very tall chair.  He must be king.  Of the beach or something. 

Now that Lindsay’s looking like a teenager herself, she would laugh at the idea of a lifeguard being mistaken for a king. And someday, when she sees the King of Kings, she’ll laugh at the idea of human beings being mistaken for a king or ruler or authority. The Ruler of all has more than a big chair. Romans 15:27 says, “All things are in subjection under his feet”.

All things?? Now that’s the King. 

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