I used to say of my son Cole, when he was a toddler: “Whatever Cole wants—whether it be the blue cup or the green cup, the grape or the strawberry, the matchbox car or the motorcycle—whatever it is that he wants, he wants it with all of his heart!”

In the blink of an eye, my darling little chubby cheeked boy could go from displaying his dimples to displaying his tonsils!

One day, as Cole kicked and screamed and pounded his fists on the ground because I had put a Thomas video in stead of a Veggie Tales video on, I realized, “This is how my heart must look to You, Lord.”

I, like Cole, can be incredibly obstinate and tenacious, when I don’t get what I want. I don’t see all that I have—only the thing that I want. The thing I’ve become fixated on. The thing that I long for, but can’t have. Sometimes it’s something as silly as the blue cup in stead of the green cup!

Lord, help me to see that your withholding hand is just as good as your hand of generosity. You are such a good Father to me.

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