If you have heard me speak, over the past year, you may have heard me talk about my little friend, Becca, who has ovarian cancer.

Becca’s faith is so beautiful. She sees life far more clearly, as a middle schooler, than most adults do. And I’m also so encouraged by the beautiful faith of my friend, Amy–Becca’s mom. Amy closes her updates by listing out all the things she is grateful for.

Becca, with her big sister, Julia

Her latest update (below) is no exception. Please be encouraged as you peek into the Prange home and see what God is doing. Also please consider praying for Becca. We would love to see God show his great power over Becca’s cancer.

Since it’s Thanksgiving Day, I feel especially called to give thanks to the Lord for the great things He has done. Radiation has been going smoothly… Becca has only been throwing up a couple of times per week which is huge improvement! She has been sleeping long and hard at night and has more energy and motivation and joy during the days. She has been eating a bit more normal food and enjoyed her Thanksgiving meal and dessert today! 

Last Saturday she was afraid of the size of the tumor (she could see it and feel it), and of the process of dying and being apart from her family. We had a great talk and a big cry, and that helped. 

I was encouraged by her faith, because some of her main concerns during that conversation were very sweet. She told me she feels guilty because most of her prayers are requests instead of thanksgivings. 

She also told me that she knows God is using cancer to teach her things, and that she is trying to learn quickly and do everything well; but she feels badly that her motive for doing good is wanting Him to make her well, rather than just being good because He is worthy of her obedience.

Becca’s next biggest concern is for James (her younger brother). She wants us to focus on teaching him all about Jesus so that he will love Him! 

So, even though it was a sad conversation, it was encouraging to see she cares very much about the condition of her heart and the hearts of others. 

And then, just four days later (exactly one year after her diagnosis), Dr. Chen said that he can already tell that Becca’s tumors are smaller and softer, just by feeling with his bare hands!! So, it is easy to be thankful today! We are celebrating!

We hope that you are having a wonderful day, basking in God’s care for you!

Amy’s sweet update reminds me of something I heard Tim Keller say in a sermon. If you are God’s child, there is nothing inside you that can keep Him from loving you, and nothing outside you that can possibly disprove His love for you.

There may be times that you are so sad and ashamed of your selfishness, or so shocked at the sin you are capable of, that you are tempted to say, “How can God love someone like me?” But then you rejoice because there is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus! (Romans 8:1)

There may be other times that you are so dismayed or troubled or burdened by things in life that you’re tempted to wonder if God truly does love you. But then you remind yourself that no height or depth or anything in creation that can separate you from the love of God! (Romans 8:39).

My little sister in Christ, Becca, has such beautiful clarity on this. She is so sure of God’s love and care for her that even cancer cannot shake her. Praise be to the Lord Jesus! May His name be lifted high through Becca’s life, and through each of ours, as well.

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