I can’t remember what I used as a centerpiece for my table last Christmas. Nor can I remember what I put on the coffee table. I looked through my boxes of Christmas decorations and nothing jogged my memory.

This would ordinarily be where I ran to Pinterest for an idea, then ran to the store. But, I tend to overspend at Christmas. I think I become conditioned to whipping out my credit card as I buy gifts and my hand just keeps that repetitive swiping motion going… Extra food, a couple of Christmas CD’s or movies, festive clothes for parties, and before you know it I’m wondering if I’ll have enough for Christmas cards.

Yesterday, I decided I had shopped enough for a while. It wasn’t even December 1st yet! I made a commitment to not do any spending at all for the next five days. Just to recondition myself to stop spending.

But then, the tables. And my small group was coming over tomorrow. And they would see my bare tables. And I wasn’t sure WHAT they would do… stare? point? wonder? Probably none of the above (they’re way more considerate than that), but still.

So, I thought I’d share what I made, using things I already had. I think they’re cute and I love the fact that I spent nothing (more) on them.

I found some ribbon that I forgot to use on the tree, and got creative…

These are the candle holders I usually have on the mantle. And I’ve had the candles and place mat for years. I just tucked the ribbon under the candles and let a little hang over the other edge. I then looped it around and secured it under one of the other candles. The snowflakes were made by my grandma and aunts, and I love them. Usually they go on the tree, but I thought they added something here. Walla! Very Christmasy. And very cheap!

This is the bowl and candle I usually have on the coffee table. I just added a $5 ornament set I had picked up at Target, and arranged them in the bowl. Easy!

So there’s my inspiration and motivation to get creative and use what YOU already have to decorate this Christmas. Happy tinsel-ing!

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