It’s Yellow Ball Thursday (just ’cause I don’t have another Monday left in summer), and Michelle Loveless has the ball:

I’ve loved the pace of this summer. Basically we check the weather in the morning and I say, “what are you in the mood for today guys?” Then we pack a picnic and leave the house (rarely before 10am) and spend the afternoon at the pool, visiting with friends and neighbors, and eating ice cream.

But today was Brooke’s open house. It was really great. I am very excited about her teacher and all of the “first time” things that go along with first grade. However, we spent the afternoon cramming in a stack of last minute postcards for their summer reading contest and polishing her project to go on the beginning of school bulletin board. It gave me a glimpse of the year to come and I felt a bit panicked.

I still have things I wanted to do, people I wanted to see, shopping to do. I feel my chest tightening. I’m not organized, or ready; I need another month please. I still have a pea coat to sew for Brooke. (I suspect it is going to be fabulous!)

I start to worry… Where does she go when we drop her off in the darkness of 8am? I ask her if she understands the drop off routine and she replies, “It’s easy Mom, I just go to the gym and look for my teachers name and sit and talk to my friends until my teacher comes.” This entire sentence is delivered in a “settle down it’s no big deal” tone. 

Then I tell her I’m excited (because I am) and she replies, “You can’t possibly be as excited as I am.”

I hope to squeeze every last precious moment out of the next few days. I hope to not waste it running around like a crazy woman. Maybe we’ll even have one last lazy day at the pool.

Michelle is my new friend from Bible study. She’s about eight years behind me in the Mommy journey, and I love how she helps me remember. She is a terrific seamstress, storyteller, and friend. Read more from her at her blog, Gilded Burlap. Thanks so much for sharing, Michelle.

For more information on how you can have the yellow ball passed your way, go here

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