When Lindsay was a toddler, she would often climb up in Ken’s lap while he was sitting in his recliner over in the corner. It didn’t matter if he was taking a nap or talking on the phone. She would bring her little Good Night, Moon book, climb into his lap, then wait expectantly for him to read. She knew he wouldn’t refuse her, and was completely presumptuous regarding his affection and his time. 

Did this make him seam weak? Was a toddler taking advantage of a grown man? No! On the contrary, it made him even more admirable to me. I loved the endearing way he snuggled her tenderly with her book. 

When I come to God with my book (his book!), wanting to draw close to him, he has the same demeanor. But does he strip himself of his majesty when he stoops to be near me? No, this is yet another display of his greatness. Because a God who was powerful but not relational or kind wouldn’t be nearly as great as our God.   

God’s people don’t manipulate or take advantage of him when they call to him. They simply call upon his nature and call into play his relationship. He is good and he is our Father. We can be astoundingly presumptuous regarding His affection and his time. 

Won’t you find comfort in your Father’s presence today?

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