Cade finished his first week of second grade. Riding in the car with me last night, he said, “I really like Mrs. Kuiper. She’s just so nice!”

I smiled and asked, “What does she do that’s really nice?”

He thought for a moment, then said, “She makes such nice words about people. Like when she said I have great ideas. But Mom, she’s not trying to do a cover up. Remember the report you showed me?”

He was referring to the part of his Friday Folder comments, where his teacher wrote that he needs to ‘work on raising his hand vs. yelling out his great ideas”.

He concluded, “But she said I have great ideas. See, that’s what I mean about making nice words about people.”

Cade got me thinking. I wish somebody would write a weekly report about me. They could monitor my activities for the week, and fill out a comments form. I’d be fine with them mentioning the things I need to work on, as long as they were also going to make some nice words about me! 

And then, I remembered. Somebody did make some nice words about me. He actually wrote this week’s report before it even happened. He said that I am his ‘masterpiece, created in Christ Jesus so that I can do good things that he planned for me long ago’.*

I agree with Cade. It’s nice to have a Teacher who makes nice words about you.

*taken from Ephesians 2:10

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