I thought this video was so cute! Little 5 month old Emerson has a look of terror when he hears Mommy blowing her nose. But each time she stops, he bursts into giggles!

Along with babies, we Mommies love a good scare, too. But only when it’s safe! Why else would we chew our nails, watching a dinosaur chase someone on a big screen? Or why would be buckle ourselves into a car with no lid which flips us up, down, and around and lets us free fall from a mountain top? We love a safe, thrilling sort of fear.

This is the way that God wants his children to fear Him. Those who experienced God’s presence on Mt. Sinai begged Moses to make him stop. Just from the sound of God’s voice, they literally thought they were going to die! We are told to fear God–it’s a right response! But like baby Emerson who giggles, God wants us to be delighted in the safety that we–His children, not His enemies–enjoy in His presence.

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