Meditation Cards


These cards are meant to help build a bridge between what we say we believe and the way we actually live.

It’s nearly impossible to stop rising panic, anxiety, or anger in the heat of the moment. We have to back up and retrain our hearts beforehand to respond correctly to the things we’d like to control.

As Control Girls, we need to meditate on truths that help settle our hearts. Then, when we face situations which would ordinarily send us into a Control Girl tailspin our hearts more readily fly to the truth.





Each pack of cards includes 37 meditations; one from each of the lessons in my book, Control Girl. You can use the cards without the book, and you can work through the book without the cards, but they do compliment each other nicely.

As Christians, the goal of meditating isn’t to empty ourselves, but to fill ourselves with truth from God’s Word. Believing and hoping in the truth changes us! So our meditation is for transformation, into the image of Christ.

Here are some ways to use the cards:

  • Ask God for a still, open heart, as you consider truth from his Bible.
  • Read the meditation and the Bible verse slowly, looking for one thing you’ve never noticed before, or one new way to hope in God.
  • Consider this truth from God’s perspective. What does he want you to know about him today? How is he inviting you to respond to him?
  • Consider how this truth might inform your speech, actions, and reactions today.
  • Make the prayer on the card personal, and share it with God.
  • Choose one phrase to memorize and take with you into your day. Make a plan to repeat this phrase or prayer several times today.
  • Picture yourself responding to a challenging situation today as though this card bears sure truth. Pray for God’s help to do so.

If you’d like some free sample cards to start with, sign up for my Control Girl bonuses HERE.


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