My daughter and her friend—both freshmen in high school–did this mayonnaise prank. They emptied a mayo jar, washed it out, and filled it with a mixture of vanilla pudding and cool whip. They created just the right combination so that it looked like mayonnaise.

Then, they stood outside the grocery store, where people were coming in and out, in and out. They stood there licking from two spoons, which they repeatedly dipped back into the mayo jar. As patrons entering the store looked on them with open disgust, they said, “Mmmmmm…. This is so good!”

I have to admit that I was having just as much fun as they were, videoing the whole ordeal from the parking lot.

Some people look at Christians the way the shoppers were looking at these girls with the mayo jar. They see them enjoying church or reading the Bible or Christian music or sharing with a small group and think, “That is so disgusting! How can they actually like that stuff?”

But not everything in a mayo jar is mayo. Sometimes people are turned off by a label, but they’ve never actually tasted what’s inside. It’s our job to make Jesus look so tasty that they can’t help but wonder what they’re missing out on as we savor every dab on our spoon.

We don’t display his goodness because we want to put on a show. We do it because we have found Jesus to be so amazingly good, we can’t imagine others missing out. 

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