Hey, friends! I’m so excited to share some of the podcast interviews I’ve had recently. I’ll highlight a few, but you can find links to many more at ComparisonGirl.com.

Moms In Prayer: Comparison, Control, and Surrendering the Uncertainties of Covid

Are you feeling anxious and overwhelmed, as you get “back-to-school” updates from your school, church, and local governments? Join Lee Nienhuis and I as we talk about our illusion of control, the destruction that comes with comparison, and how to respond today with the uncertainties of tomorrow. Listen here.

This photo was taken last summer at the GEMS Conference with a group of dear friends (we never get to see each other, so this was super fun!). From left to right: Katie Reid (host of the Martha + Mary show), Lee Nienhuis (host of the Moms in Prayer podcast, and the Martha + Mary Show), Jenn Hand, host of the Coming Alive podcast, yours truly, Jen Ferguson (who endorsed my first book) and Brenda Yoder (who endorsed my most recent one)!

I’m so thankful for these friends and others who have invited me to have conversations about comparison, control, and surrendering to God.

Coming Alive Conversations with Jenn Hand

Laugh with Jenn and I as we tell about our first impressions of each other (yes, we were both comparing), and compare our patterns of collecting coffee mugs – which are completely opposite. Plus we’ll talk plenty about Jesus and his unique way of comparing.

The Martha + Mary Show with Katie M. Reid and Lee Nienhuis

Listen in to our conversation for both Martha-types and Mary-types as I talk about comparison with my dear friends, Katie Reid and Lee Nienhuis.

The Notice with Susan Hoekstra

It was a joy to have this conversation with Susan about comparison and lessons from Jesus on me-free living.

For more, visit ComparisonGirl.com




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